Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thrifty Tip - Reuse Containers

My husband has heard me call him a packrat many times over the years. One of his obsessions is he loves to collect plastic containers (butter containers, Cool Whip containers, Pringles cans, Juice Bottles). I admit I have thrown several away while he wasn't looking. One family can only have so many.

Over the holidays, his obession with containers was put to good use. I used them to send home leftovers with guests, to store breakable Christmas ornaments, and freeze a few leftovers for us.


Debbie said...

A few months ago I went through the container cabinets and threw away everything broken, without a lid, or that wasn't clear. I have felt so liberated since that day!

Blue Castle said...

Great tip! It's so nice to have "throw-away" containers on hand for when you need to send leftovers with a guest or pack a lunch etc.

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